Greetings!  And welcome   Wizard Tutorial for BARAT ... our Magical MAGE.


BEARD Tutorial.....

1.  We selected the BRAND NEW, wonderful mold ... sculpted by Loretta Kasa, molded by Cynthia Howe and sold by Jackie Caron (House of Caron).  This wonderful sculpt comes with fantasty boots, buckle shoes, a peg leg and a hook arm ... fantastic for sorcerer's, pirates (and next months FATHER Christmas).

2.  After you dress doll ... simply seperate desired length of beard (viscose) from main hank.  

Take your conditioned water (distilled water plus downey in a plant mister) and LIGHTLY mist your hair.  Then pull through fingers so it is smooth.

3.  Glue a realistic hairline on doll (we wanted to make him bald except for the long beard and mustash) ..... THEN let glue get tacky.

Next take your lightly misted hunk of hair
and carefully cut a straight edge.  Now lay this straight edge right into the glue on his face.  Give this a minute or two to set ... then take your finger nail and gently push down to give it a realistic *edge* and take care of any stray hair.

4.  Now take another long strand of hair ......mist, and then gently glue right under his nose for mustash.

5.  Cut and trim sections of hair until desired layered look is achieved.  The comb out any loose hair with corsage pin.  Lastly, take your fingers, mist just the tips, and piece certain sections to give beard movement!

WALA ... Father Christmas, Wizard or simply old man hair!

BARAT the finished doll was our Grand Prize for the October Minidoll List - Wizard Quest created and donated by DANA.

For more information on the wonderful new Pirate/Sorcerer mold click

To purchase the complete porcelain, painted doll body as shown above right ... $18 email
Doreen Sinnet
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Loretta K Torso
Jackie Caron Legs