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Links for inspiration
when creating your romantic lady!!

Doll Construction/Assembly:


Lots of inspirational tutorials:

Dressing a Mini doll:  instructions for a nun's  kokoshnik (Hat)

Sculpting helps:

go to the artists hints at the top of the page to find tutorials

Mini Furniture and accessories:


Regency links:
Here is a link with a pattern to make Regency underthings
main page:

Love this web site of fashion plates

Useful information:
here is a site with photos and article about men's clothing from the period
and women's

Great Pictures:

link for silk ribbon roses:
Romantic Lacy dolls by Jan Duda
Molds, Supplies, Patterns and More
Jackie Caron
Doll Kits, Supplies and Art Dolls
by Helena
Exquisite Needlework
by Cheryl Polito

view her website by clicking HERE
Exquisite Sculptures, Art dolls and Supplies - Esther carries a full line
of dollmaking goodies! 
See her artisan profile in FF3 (
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