German Faeries - Monika Sattler
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Monika Sattler
Here is a little story about "Butterfly" :-))

It is interesting that you selected specially Butterfly. She is with approximately 40 cm my largest Fairy and has mobile arms and legs. Her body, head, hands and feet I make under guidance of Linda Kertzman in an on-line course.

So “Butterfly” was also my journeywork, which cost me a lot of bad nerves.  For example I burned the first head for her and I cried. However I started over again.

A good portion of ambition, patience, a calm hand, Fantasy you need and the love up for the Fairy is my Motivator...

Head, hands and feet are a mixture from two different Clays. The body, arms and legs are from wire, encased with material and cotton wool.

She got the name "Butterfly" after her completion. All my Fairies receive her names after they were finished placed. I regard the finished Fairy and leave my fantasy free run - here with this Fairy not necessarily very imaginatively.

In my opinion Fairies have a task, I let them implement also gladly an activity - "Butterfly" is responsible to help weakened butterflies - She is a defender of the butterflies.

Their wings are from “Willow-leaf”. These I covered to the protection with fine white Organza, since they are very fine and fragile. To be able to position the wings differently, I glued along the middle- central vein of the wing a fine wire. Like that it is also possible to bend the wings to the rear or in front.

Her hair is sheep wool even dyed red. For this I used the rest of a  hair coloring from my daughter. I dyed it included the shape-cut and then I fixed the necessary sheep skin on her head (inclusive leather). Eyes and lips are hand painted with acryl colors.

Butterfly is sitting on piece of wood-crust, which I found in the forest she is giving the little Butterfly pollen for refreshment

I am from Germany. I am 44 years old, married and have a 20 year young daughter.

My interest in Fairies came about from seeing some on Ebay and it became my greatest wish to learn how to do some of my own.

All my fairies are handmade without use molds.  I have been making my Fairies for about a year now so guess I am still a beginner.

As long as I can remember, I have been making things with my hands - AND: I Believe
In Fairies and dwarfs. I saw a lot of time the figures from Polyresin-stone or plastic, but it’s a cold, unnatural and a hard material - not fine
and soft enough for this marvelous nature. 

So I was looking on the Internet for "something", that my conception of
Fairies came more near... and first I found the wonderfully fairies from Hannie Sarris - later I found beautiful fairies from Polymer Clay.
THAT was it what I wanted to find. 

My first attempts before my first year landed in the garbage. They were really horrible - but I did not give up. I tried it again and again, spent very long nights in the Internet for "Tips and cheat" and found also helpful ideas.

With time my Fairies became prettier and I placed them on my homepage, which does not mean however that I am content with my work.
For a little Fairie I need 3-4 days around it completely to place.   I try to manufacture different possibilities again and again around it.  Sometimes I burn it in individual parts and set her then together then

I try to repair and once completely burn her at a piece. I would like to sensitize my fellow men with my work for the environment and the natures. I am convinced that they work in nature, which plants and animals help. We humans must learn again it love and accept them and not into the realm of the fairy tales to banish.
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Dana's note:  It is amazing how spoiled we American's are!

When I travel to other countries... and see the incredible dolls they create without the benefit of hopping in the car and driving to their local craft store, walmart or Hancock fabrics ...
I am truely amazed!!

Everything has to be improvised or purchased off the internet.  Kudos!