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Faery Wings

How many times and types and trials have you had making the *perfect* faery wing?  We ran several contests on the list over the years with this very question ... and each person seems to *see*  their own faery and the wings she wears.

To get you started ... here is a wonderful wing pattern from our list member - HOPE ...
and then some tutorial advice from Linda Berkemeier (another member).  I've also included the wing pattern used for our Faery Jewelry Box class.

Enjoy and Happy Flying!

Linda's Wing Directions:
I make my wings out of Liquid polymer.
It's pretty easy to do:
First you need a flat piece of glass.

Cloth covered wire about 20 gage or smaller (I use cloth covered because it sticks to the liquid Fimo better and you can also paint it any color before you add the Liquid Fimo)
You can also use Fun Wire which melts into the liquid polymer.

Heat tape like for embossing.

Place your wing pattern underneath the glass

Place your wire on top of the glass and leave ends sticking out over your pattern and secure with tape.  This will hold the wires down.

Spread Liquid Fimo (not too thick, it will spread) inside the pattern being sure to cover the wires.

You can add embellishments but be sure they won't melt.

Place glass on the rack in the oven at 275 degrees for 20 minutes.

When it is finished remove the tape immediately so it won't stick to the glass.

Wait until the wings are cool and gently remove from the glass.

You can shape and cut them anyway you like.

I know this is probably as clear as mud.  But if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

You can see my Fairies on my picture site:

I hope this helps
Linda Berkemeier
Faery Jewelry Box Wings
simply right click,
download and xerox
(size up or down as desired).
Someone sent me these along time ago ... so not sure who to credit.  If these are yours please email me and I'll update page with your name!
Wing pattern. 

Simply right click to download, and then scale as desired in your favorite photo editing program.

You can trace this on velumn paper, add glitter... you can also do it on silk or batiste and spray with fabric stiffener to shape.
Leaf Dancer
Linda Berkemeier