Greetings!  And welcome to our Clay/Sculpting info!  Carla Benham & team have donated a large chunk of their time, putting together the following hints and tips for your creating pleasure. 
Doll Dressing Tips
Dana of Miniature Art's
Thank you to all the artists that have donated their ideas to our Newbie Hangout!

Polymer Clay Help etc
Here is a site that answers virtually every question on Polymer Clat etc

Katherine Dewey's tips page 
Covers all aspects of sculpting with polymer clays.

Sculpting Help

Ann Gerdes
Make a Sleeping Fairy Baby

Sites for Inspiration:
Manuela Schultz -

James Carrington

Pearl Jordan

Tips and hints taken from the MSATMiniDoll List members - Dana of Miniature Art is NOT responsible for anything other then providing these hints and tips for your creating pleasure.