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Greetings!  And welcome to our FAQ page!  Most of your answers to FF can be answered here ... or click on the link to direct you to the person who can help you even more! 
What is FF?  FF stands for Frills and Fancy.  FF is the 3rd leg of our minidoll mission started in l998.  We began with the minidolllist ... moved on to the minidollU ... and now published the FF.  FF is a visual voice for miniature doll artist, supplier and student.

How do I promote my products?  This first issue of FF came about rather quickly.  We posted on the minidoll list for vendors/artists to advertise their wares and send write in's about their products.  What you see in FF #1 are those *quick on the draw* miniaturists.  To promote your work, you can do one of 3 things!  Contact to place a classified ad, or web page ad in the next issue.  You can also send in an article on yourself to .  Lastly if you have new books, products, dolls, website etc you can put your blurb into the HERE's NEW column.  To do this, simply email

What are the Upcoming Issues and Deadlines?
  These are always listed on the index page of FF -

How do I know when a new issue is out?  Simply join our for exciting posts each day on miniature doll making, and any new events happening.

How do I see all the different issues?  Click on the home page of FF ( and each new cover will be posted!  Simply click on cover to view that issue. 
To learn how to create miniature dolls ANYWHERE, with ANY Budget,  simply visit our minidollU for class schedule!