Feature Tutorial
Dana Sippel-Burton
Creating a Doll takes 3 steps:

-Finding Doll Body



In this article we will help you accomplish all 3. 

Frills and Fancy
Issue #1
Mar 2005
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Now that your doll is dressed ... here are a few more hints on wigging!
#1 - gently comb out and straighten your viscose by misting lightly with plant mister filled with distilled water and one teaspoon of downey (fabric softner).

#2 - glue on realistic hairline on doll's head

#3 - lay strip of hair from nose to neck and gently press into glue

#4 - put line of glue from ear to ear

#5 - lay small strip of hair from ear to ear and gently press into glue

#6 - when hair is dry, gently lift up front and comb to back to style.

This is the basic wigging cross!
minidollU offers a FREE wigging course!  For more information, click to their website at www.minidollU or contact Shelly (Shelly@frillsandfancyezine.com).  Classes start in April, and are taught by Dana.