Feature Tutorial
Dana Sippel-Burton
Creating a Doll takes 3 steps:

-Finding Doll Body



In this article we will help you accomplish all 3. 

Frills and Fancy
Issue #1
Mar 2005
Step 3 - Doll Assembly. 
You can put your doll together many different ways. 
A) You can sculpt a body; or butt or chest or add leg extensions.  All these I do with fimo.  Remember NO ONE can see the finished underneath product.  You are simply looking for a layer to put clothes on!  As long as the basic shape is there, and fimo is smooth you are good to go.

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B. Make a basic pipecleaner armature .... simply take 3 pipecleaners, twist together.  Bend in half, insert torso onto upper half and glue.  Then glue on each leg, and wrap with elastic gauze until desired proportions are reached.  I make my dolls approximately 5 3/4" tall from sole of feet to top of head.

(see the selections of glues I use .... #1 - Zap a Gap (super glue), #2 - Tacky Glue (white glue), and #3 - Zip Kicker for hard to hold pieces
) to the bottom right.
**Remember to leave a hole
in butt to insert doll stand
before baking!

To see tutorial on easy sculpting bodies for under clothes ... click HERE
Lastly prepare your doll stand to support your doll, but visually show up less!

#1 - take ordinary doll stand, #2 seperate pieces.  #3 - cut off rubber arms, and invert and glue back into stand.  Lastly spray with matt black spray paint for nice finish!

Now is the time to make your undergarments, while paint is drying ....

Then attach doll to stand either by supergluing on, or wrapping thin material around waist and then around stand and gluing whole thing.

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