Feature Tutorial
Dana Sippel-Burton
Creating a Doll takes 3 steps:

-Finding Doll Body



In this article we will help you accomplish all 3. 

Frills and Fancy
Issue #1
Mar 2005
Step 1.  Selecting the doll body.  If you have a doll on hand wonderful - if you need to purchase a doll ... simply click to the link at left.

Once you have your doll body .... you will probably want to enhance the doll to make it individual.  This can be done by painting (if you bought a blank doll body).  Or adding makeup (if you purchased a china painted doll).... or my favorite!  Adding heavier eyelid with eye lashes!

EYELID:  To do this look -- simply take your Sculpy III - beige, roll out a thin roll, and with a toothpick, gently push into eye socket, and leaving room for you to paint eyeball underneath.  Also make a tiny ledge for eyelashes.  Bake.  Once cool - take black carpet thread, gently fray, pick apart, and apply to lid with tacky glue ... one eye lash at a time until desired look is achieved.

To add *makeup* for those gals going out .... this is easily done with a Q-tip and eyeshadow (real life) and blush.  I received this gorgeous china painted doll from Cindy Howe, decided to *spice her up*.  I used cheap $1 store makeup right over the top, and spray sealed with matt acrylic sealer to finish.  (see LIZ to right)

Add accents with Acrylic paints ... to see several tutorials on using acrylic paints - simply click to our project site at http://msatminidolls.minilists.com/face1.htm

If you are lucky enough to pour your own molds ... consider poking hole in her ears for those wonderful dangle earrings .... cutting part in the middle of her head .... and grooving in a few more *wrinkles* for character.  Remember for those that want bangs.... and easy thing is to cut a center part in greenware ... then cut another slit across forehead.  When it comes time to wigg ... you can gently press hair into center part ... and then make several LARGE curls (size 4 and up knitting needle) ... cut them in half horizontally ... and gently glue and press into forehead *bang* slit.  Looks awesome and real!!

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